“There is no greater privilege for a Sikh than to lay down his life for the

protection of the Sikh faith. I wish I could be born again and again and each

time lay down my life for this.” — Sardar Satwant Singh

As we salute the brave sons of the Sikh nation let us ask


(1) Did these souls not have the same flesh, blood and emotions as we


(2) Did they not have mother, father, sisters, brothers and children who

treasure them?

(3) Did they not have the worldly needs and aspirations?

YES, They were human like you and I.

YES, They and many others are sacrificing it all.

YES, They went to the gallows to re-instate the Sikh pride,

so others may cherish, practice their faith and live with

honor, dignity and heads held high.

Let us re-dedicate ourselves to free the Sikh nation,

Khalistan from Hindu strangulation so that our nation

may not have to pay so dearly again

Ranbir Singh Sekhon, P.E. — Shobha Sekhon, M.D. — Amret Kaur Sekhon

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 20, 1989