SAN FRANCISCO, Ca.: All kinds of aircrafts have landed at San Francisco International Airport over its 60year history. But a stork? Never.

That omission was taken care of Friday at 1.29 a.m. with the birth of a healthy 6pound girl to Gurpreet May all of Yuba City in the lobby of the airport’s medical clinic.

Nurse Peggy Mullin said when she opened the clinic door, appropriately in the arrivals area of the airport, mother and child, “arrived about the same time”.

“This is the first time a baby was delivered on the premises”, said airport spokesman Ron Wilson, estimating more than 500 million passengers have passed through the gates since 1927.


May all, who has a 1 1monthold daughter, said the baby’s estimated time was a week away. “Maybe I will name her “Airport *87”, she joked. She said she and her husband, Inder pal, a Yuba City accountant, were waiting at the airport for the arrival of her mother when the baby signaled ‘an early landing.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 17, 1987