Rahul: Daddy?

Rajiv: Yes, son.

Rah: What is non-maligned?

Raj: I think, you mean non-aligned, son.

Rah: What is daddy?

Raj: Son, it means that in India we are not a part of a power group.

Rah: Daddy is Maneka Auntie a sour group?

Raj: You were not listening, son. I said, “‘a, power group.”

Rah: What is that, daddy?

Raj: Son, the Soviet

Union and the United States. Are two super powers. They are always quarreling with each other. Each has its own circle of friends. The friends of the Soviet Union always Stand by the Soviet Union and the

Friends of the United States always stand by the United States. But those who do not take sides are non-aligned. Rah: Like us, daddy? Raj: Exactly, son. Rah: But the Soviet Union is our friend. Raj: Yes, son.

Grandma had signed a friendship treaty with the Soviet Union and we have always stood by each other in times of need. — Rah: Is the United States a friend? Raj: Well, son, we are not their enemy. ;

Rah: Daddy, can we always remain non-maligned?

Raj: You mean nonaligned, son.

Rah: I am not sure, dad.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 11 1985