Rah: Daddy?

Raj: Yes, son.

Rah: Daddy, what is a writing on the wall?

Raj: It is the same thing as destiny. When somebody says that something is a writing on the wall he only means that it is destined to happen.

Rah: Daddy, is Punjab a part of India?

Raj: An inalienable part of India, son. No earthly power can break it away from India.

Rah: Why are there two visa systems, dad, one for India and another for Punjab?

Raj: That, son, is a temporary measure. You know that the situation in Punjab is unique.

Rah: Dad, you mean it is not like Assam?

Raj: Son, I said it is unique.

Rah: Daddy, what is unique?


Raj: Unique means, there has never been a situation like this, not in Assam and not anywhere else.

Rah: Daddy, does the writing on the wall spell KHA

Raj: Stopit, stop it.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 5, 1985