Rahul: Daddy, what is verbatim?

Rajiv: Son, literally, it means, word by word Suppose you say something that somebody else has said, word by word, then you are repeating it verbatim.

Rah: I understand it, dad.

Raj: Can you give me an example, son?

Rah: ‘‘We went in with prayers on our lips and reverence in our hearts.”

Rah: Those great words, my son, were spoken by our remarkable Lt. General K. Sunderji.

Rah: Repeated by our equally remarkable Lt. General Ranjit Singh Dayal, verbatim.

Raj: It is a strange coincidence, son.

Rah: Or perhaps, one did not know that he was carrying the other general’s script.

Raj: That is not the case, son.

Rah: And daddy, whom were they praying to, the horned toad?

Article extracted from this publication >> March 8, 1985