Rahul: Daddy?

Rajiv: Yes, son.

Rahul: Daddy, grandma—.

Rajiv: May she rest in peace.

Rahul: —-liberated Bangladesh.

Rajiv: Yes, son, it was a great victory for India. We are so proud of it.

Rahul: Daddy?

Rajiv: Goon, son.

Rahul: What about the Tamils?

Rajiv: What about them, son?

Rahul: What do they want in Sri Lanka, daddy?

Rajiv: They are fighting for their right of self-determination, son.

Rahul: What is that, daddy?

Rajiv: They want to be independent, son.

Rahul: Is that why we are helping them, daddy?

Rajiv: Yes, son, they deserve our support and it is the right thing for us to do.

Rahul: Because we want Tamil votes in the Indian elections, daddy?

Rajiv: Not exactly, son. We are helping the Tamils in Sri Lanka because we have always supported people’s right to self-determination.

Rahul: Like in Bangladesh, daddy?

Rajiv: Exactly, son, just like in Bangladesh.

Rahul: Daddy?

Rajiv: What is it son?

Rahul: What about Punjab?

Rajiv: Dark clouds have gathered over Punjab, son. Foreign powers are conspiring to break Punjab away from the rest of our motherland.

Rahul: Is that bad, daddy?

Rajiv: Yes, son, it is like trying to break an arm off your body.

Rahul: Sword arm, daddy?

Rajiv: Exactly, son.

Rahul: Daddy, what about the Tamils?

Rajiv: I have already told you, son.

Rahul: Are they trying to break up Sri Lanka’s arm?

Rajiv: But that is different, son.

Rahul: Daddy, what about Bangladesh?

Rajiv: Grandma will get you for that, Rahul.

Rahul: I am sorry, dad. Rajiv: It’s O.K. son.

Rahul: Daddy, I still love you, I think.

Rajiv: I love you too son.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 18, 1985