CHANDIGARH, India: The Punjab Police Chief, Mr. Ribeiro has changed his tactics in killing Sikh freedom fighters. Instead of fake encounters, he has hired hardened criminals to kill Sikh young men. This fact came to light when the hired killers shot dead two Sikh youths near sector 15 in Chandigarh. The killers fired at the three Sikhs from a moving car and killed Sukhvinder Singh Chhinda, also known as K.C. Sharma, and his companion Harminder Singh Bunty. Their third companion Darshan Singh Malha ‘was seriously injured.

The killers when chased by the Chandigarh police patrol drove straight into Mr. Ribeiro’s house where they were nabbed by the chasing police patrol. But Mr. Ribeiro ordered the Chandigarh police officials to release them on the plea that the killers belonged to the Punjab police. Interestingly, the killers were wearing civilian clothes and did not seek the permission of the Chandigarh police to hunt for any wanted person.

Talking to the reporters later, Mr. Ribeiro said that Sukhvinder Singh was involved in the killing of Gen. A\S. Vaidya. Already the police have killed four or five Sikhs who, they claim were involved in Gen. Vaidya’s murder, whereas only three persons were allegedly responsible for the murder. Even the two Sikhs detained in New York, M.C.C, are being blamed for Gen. Vaidya’s murder.

Meanwhile, Sikh Cultural Society, New York, and the management Gurdwara Stockton have announced that Bhog of Sri Guru Granth Sahib will be held for the peace of Sukhvinder Singh and Harminder Singh.

Article extracted from this publication >> March 11, 1988