Dear Dr. Grewal, May I take this opportunity to thank you personally and the Sikh community in general for the confidence you showed in your fellow citizens when you invited all of us to join with you in prayer that the killings in India might cease and that peace and harmony might once more prevail amongst the various religious communities of the sub-continent both in the homelands and abroad. The interfaith service at your temple was an example to all of us who took part. We were impressed by the genuine devotion so manifest on that occasion. We were amazed at the extraordinary generosity and altruism of your community which in the midst of your own upsets found time to collect for the starving people of Ethiopia the magnificent sum of $1,000.00. It was especially impressive that you chose to transmit the money to them through the Catholic Relief Services  a truly inspiring ecumenical gesture. May I conclude by thanking you for your personal contribution and by saying how much I appreciate working with you. May our association continue and prosper. Wishing you and your family a Happy Christmas, I remain yours cerely, Raymond F. Kennedy, C.S.Sp. RFK: cmhsin

Article extracted from this publication >>JANUARY 4, 1985