Whereas Indian government has sent false affidavits against the _Sikhs living abroad for extradition, which were tried in Canadian courts by a renowned barrister, Mr. David Gibbons. All of the seven affidavits were proven categorically false in the court trial, proving Indian ruling party as liar.

Whereas British scientists have concluded after their investigations that there was no bomb in the AirIndia Flight #81 in which the Sikh pilot, captain and hundreds of Sikhs and others perished, Indian government continues to blame Sikhs for this tragic event.

Therefore WSOUSA General Assembly strongly condemns Indian government for malicious propaganda against the Sikhs. WSOUSA demands that either Indian ruling party should admit this derogatory stunt and apologize or scrap out their national motto, “SatyaMeyJayote” (Victory of Truth), which is not true anymore because gangster rule has lost its credibility and conscience.

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 17, 1987