On Saturday, January 26th members of the Sikh Community of Winnipeg gathered at the Singh Sabha Gurdwara at Sturgeon Road to register their protest against undemocratic practices of the Government of India against the Sikhs.

The consensus of the meeting was that India, on the International Scene, only pretends to be a Democracy. At best it must be described as a Theocracy dominated by the Hindu majority that has no regard, consideration or tolerance for the large minorities such as the Moslems and_ the Sikhs.

If political climate of the country is not

Changed by the present Government of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, the country will disintegrate, and the entire responsibility of the fragmentation will lie on the shoulders of the Hindu Communalism and the political naiveté) of Mr. Gandhi.

Prayers were said for the peace and the harmony between various communities living in India. Violence against the Sikhs and spilling of their blood must come to an end. The Government must immediately take definite positive steps to restore confidence and sense of security amongst the Sikhs. It will be unfortunate for India if the Sikh alienation is allowed to crystalize into a hardened reality either by the actions of the Government or by the Hindu majority attitude.

A two minute silence was observed to mark the occasion. The meeting felt that the silence was more appropriate as no words could fathom the depth of shock the Sikhs have experienced and the hurt that has benumbed the community.


Article extracted from this publication >> February 8, 1985