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CURRENT ISSUE: January, 1985

— Response of the Sikhs to White Paper

— Comparison of deaths of Sant Bhinderanwale and Mrs. Indira Gandhi

— Assassination of Indira Gandhi

— Massacre of the Sikhs

— Are the Sikhs Terrorists?

— Who’s Sant Bhinderanwale? THE TRUTH is published quarterly on NO PROFIT basis DONATIONS: $5 per issue and $20 per year FORTHCOMING ISSUES: April, 1985

— Opinions about Storming of Golden Temple

— Evolution of the Sikh Nation

June, 1985

— The Akal Takht — The Immortal Throne

The image of the Sikhs is being built as TERRORISTS in the world by the Indian Government through the government owned media and also through some Sikhs (brought by the government). THE TRUTH has vowed to fight back the wrong propaganda by the Indian Government and to portray the Sikhs as they are: noble, hardworking, trustworthy, law-abiding, peace-loving and patriotic to the country — they live in.

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Article extracted from this publication >> March 1, 1985