STOCKTON, Ca. DIDAR SINGH BAINS, President World Sikh Organization, International, “Barnala was appointed to promote the Congress interests and he has been dismissed for the same reasons. His assignment in Punjab was to suppress the legitimate aspirations of the Sikhs and he has been removed to win elections in Haryana”.

GIAN SINGH SANDHU, President W.S.O. Canada: “Barnala deserved to be dismissed. A weak personality like him was irrelevant considering the magnitude of the problem in Punjab. Centre can play whatever tricks it wants but it should realize that Punjab will never be the same unless Sikh demand for freedom is fulfilled”.

MANOHAR SINGH GREWAL, President W.S.O. U.S.A.; “This shows another political maneuvering of the Central government who uses Sikhs as sacrificial goats to please Hindus for winning elections in Haryana. Obviously it confirms the fact that the States in India have no power and party in power at Center can act in an arbitrary manner to serve its vested interests.”


JAGIIT SINGH MANGAT, President Sikh Cultural Society, New York: “A puppet was put in Punjab to sabotage the Sikh struggle and he has been removed to serve Congress interests in Haryana. For Sikhs it is a good riddance.

  1. GURINDER S. GREWAL, Member Governing Council of W.S.O: “An out of the way but the f still remains”.

 LAKHMIR SINGH CHIMA, Vice-president W.S.O. (West): “Barnala is a self-seeker and he attempted to sabotage the most powerful Sikh struggle but in the process was himself thrown in the gutter”.

 In identical statements A.I.S.S.F., Panthic Committee, and Khalistan Commando Force described Barnala’s dismissal as “one hurdle in the way of Khalistan removed. Others will also meet the same fate and we shall by Guru’s grace accomplish our mission of freedom and sovereignty.

” GURBAX KAUR KAHLON, Member W.S.O. National Council; “It is an electioneering tactic that the ruling party at the Centre was expected to use. We would have been surprised if it had not been done”.

SUKHMANDIR SINGH, President North America Akali Dal: “Barnala ministry was a puppet and an ineffective government, anyway. However, by dismissing it government of India will not only imply blame for Punjab’s growing troubles on Barnala government but will also have a free hand in further intensifying its most atrocious means to torture Sikhs and the soul of Punjab.

  1. ARJINDERPAL SINGH, Spokesman International Sikh Youth Federation: “We have overthrown the Punjab government and now we will over throw the Central government”.

GURCHARAN SINGH DHILLON, Treasurer, W.S.O.: “Barnala was a traitor to the Sikhs and he has been treated as such. His fate should serve as an eye-opener to those who betray their religion.”

AMARJIT SINGH BUTTAR, Member W.S.O. National Council: “A stooge of the Centre is gone and the entire Sikh nation has an occasion to celebrate and rejoice. It should serve as a reminder to future traitors among Sikhs and it’s a battle won in the war for Khalistan”.

Article extracted from this publication >>  May 15, 1987