Rajiv presented his bulletproof vest to Sant Longowal after the signing of the agreement on Punjab saying “Sant Ji, I have no use for this anymore. Allow me to give it to you as a farewell gift. You will need it.” This prophetic piece of conversation was reproduced by Khushwant Singh in the August 17, 1985 issue of the Overseas Hindustan times. Longowal was assassinated three days later. Prime Minister felt so much relieved after the agreement was signed that “he took off his coat and hung it on the rack.

Then he took off his bullet proof vest and presented it to Sant Longowal.” With one clever move Rajiv was able to shake off the nightmarish fear of assassination from his head and passed it on to the Sant. Rajiv not only successfully transferred the righteous indignation and wrath of the Sikhs from his person to the gullible Sant but also created a deep rift among the Sikh ranks making one go to the throat of the other. Poor Sant is dead and the victorious Rajiv is enjoying the spectable of Sikhs killing one another.

Article extracted from this publication >>  September 13, 1985