Houston, June 15, Rajiv Gandhi was visibly unnerved by the big Sikh demonstration when he reached the convention Centre. Over five hundred Sikh men, women, and children supporting Saffron (Kesari) turbans and Dupattas staged a peaceful demonstration from 2 p.m. to 6 pm. Such gathering of Sikhs was in sharp contrast to just two dozen Indians, half of them children, who earlier greeted Gandhi at the airport.


The demonstrators had come from San Antonio, Austin and Dallas and they shouted slogans, ‘“Khalistan Zindabad,” “Rajiv: Russian Puppet.” Members of Afghan Mujahideens also joined the Sikh protest and expressed their solidarity with the Sikh cause.

Sikh protest was widely covered by the newspapers, Radio and T.V. networks. Local press stated that Rajiv Gandhi entered the Convention Centre from the side door as he dared not face the demonstrators.

The day being hot and sultry Sikhs served cold drinks to all including the security men and police personnel. The city authorities had made elaborate security arrangements and mounted police continuously patrolled the area. The protest rally was organized by the Sikh Centre Houston.

Article extracted from this publication >>  June 21, 1985