HOUSTON, Taxes: Dr. Rajni Kothari visited Houston on April 22. His trip to Houston was sponsored by South Asian Council. The Sikh Center of Gulf Coast area and the Gurdwara Sahib of Houston also cooperated. In the evening, he addressed a diwan in the Gurdwara at 8819 Prairie Drive, and later on he was honored at Maharaja Restaurant, a fund raiser dinner reception. The main points covered by this internationally political scientist were: that Rajiv with his immaturity has lost power fast, his image as “Mr. Clean” is not that clean. That there is 15% of population that is elitist Hindus and rest of 85% are

Various minorities and they all are being oppressed one after the other. The Punjab situation is acting as a catalyst to forge unity in these minorities, as evidence he gave example of Gujarat, where the high caste Hindus had been persecuting scheduled tribes, scheduled castes and Muslims, and now these three comprising 70% of Gujarat population are joining together and are posing serious threat to the 15% elitists.

He mentioned that Mishra Commission report is a whitewash and the entire Indian Press has passed this verdict. Unless the justice is done properly, there will always be people’s justice like Arjan Das and Makan etc. All the guilty are listed in “Who Are The Guilty?”, no more evidence is needed, the guilty have to be punished.

He felt that India will go down further, before it survives. His opinion was that the only solution will be a loose federation.

He said that the cleavage between Hindus and Sikhs is complete abroad. It is strange that the so-called educated people have gone so much apart. Indian embassies are discriminating against the Sikhs, in terms of visas and passports, etc.

He advised the minority groups to join hands and work together for human nights.

Article extracted from this publication >>  May 8, 1987