PATNA: Janata Dal President Vishwa Nath Partap Singh made a sensational disclosure at huge public rally at Patna on November 4, 1988 that Rajiv Gandhi was operating an account in a Swiss Bank for the money he got from Bofor deal. He disclosed that an account no 99921 PU in the Swiss Bank corporation in the name of “Lotus” holds the deposit of 32076709 Kronas (Swiss currency) the invoice of the deposit slip stated that the payment was made by the defense secretary of the government of India.

Mr. V.P, Singh further declared that these payments were deposited on the dates shown again the amounts taken from the Bofor deal

8/12/86                                         4529190 kronas

20/3/87                                         352380

23/3/87                                         27195147

The Janata Dal president declared that he will withdraw from the public life it this information was proved wrong.

He also added that the disclosures were originally made by “Hindu” a newspaper published from Madras, which were also investigated by the CBI.

Mr. Singh stated the government’s investigation agency found these allegations as correct but in spite of the clear report no action has been taken against the persons, who benefilled from those bribes.

Article extracted from this publication >> November 11, 1988