NEW DELHI, India: Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on Thursday accused Pakistan of giving cover fire to a group of freedom fighters crossing over to India. There was also a charge that Pakistan was giving shelter to the freedom fighters in its territory. Prime Minister told this to the reporters at the airport before departing for Japan on a three day official visit. This is the first time that the Prime Minister has spoken about the Pakistan Rangers providing gunfire cover to the freedom fighters crossing the border. Mr. Gandhi said that not all the arms being supplied by the United States to Afghan Mujahedeen’s, were going to Afghanistan. Thereby, hinting that Sikh freedom fighters were also getting part of the arms supply. Obviously referring to the recent fire at an arms dump at Islamabad, the Prime Minister said that gave a measure of the quantity and quality of the weapons that were being supplied. The Prime Minister said that the supply of weapons to the mujahedeen’s was not being questioned. Mr. Gandhi reacted positively to the Afghan accord and hoped that this will help the Soviet troops to move out of Afghanistan. Referring to the exchange of fire, between Indian and Pakistani troops on Wednesday, the Prime Minister asserted that the Siachin Glacier was very clearly a part of India and it is going to remain so.

Article extracted from this publication >> April 22, 1988