NEW YORK: Famous civil rights attorney William Kunstler was kicked in the ribs by court officers in Brooklyn Criminal court on October 28. Kunstler’s associate Ronald Kuby was thrown over a railing and was bruised.

Kunstler and Kuby were representing Attorney C. Veron Mason who along with Rey Al Sharpton were appearing at the criminal court to answer summons for disorderly conduct stemming from a “Day of Outrage” protest against racism on September 29, when they tried to stop traffic in Brooklyn.

The protest was organized to demonstrate against official apathy in the investigation of Ms. Twana Brawley’s assertion that she was raped by white men and the authorities covered up the case.

Ms. Brawley is black as are Rev. Sharpton and attorney Mason, both of whom advised Ms. Brawley on the case. A New York State jury which worked under the direction of Attorney General Robert Abrams as a special prosecutor found no evidence of a crime and cleared several white law enforcement officers who had been accused by Ms. Brawley’s advisor of attacking her and covering up their involvement.

The whole case including the grand jury’s verdict has raised disturbing questions about racism and the criminal justice system. A large number of blacks believed that criminal justice system in persistently and inherently unfair to minorities and a deep distrust in the society and authority is perceived amongst the blacks.

Kunstler and Kuby had represented Dr. Gurpratap Singh Birk who was accused of conspiracy to assassinate Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Kuby along with Ms. Mary Pike is also representing Ranjit Singh Gill and Sukhminder Singh Sandhu in the extradition case against them.

Kunstler, Kuby Mason, Rev. Sharpton and 12 other people were arrested on charges of obstructing government administration and first degree riot, they were later released.

Speaking to the World Sikh News, Kuby said, “We were attacked by 150 court officers filled with racist hatred. This is what happens in any society which creates hatred against a minority whether it is the blacks in America or the Sikhs in India.

Article extracted from this publication >> November 11, 1988