The appointment of the following professors was notified by the syndicate of the Punjab University Chandigarh.

Dr. Gopal Krishan (geography), Dr. Usha Kanwar (Zoology), Dr. J.K. Gupta (Microbiology). Dr. Sudesh Gakhar (Education), Dr. S. K. Vasisht, Dr. Ram Parkash and Dr. S. D. Sharma (All Chemistry).

The selection of Mr. H. L. Sharma as Register was ratified by the syndicate.

Meanwhile Prof. A.R. Kidwai has been nominated a member of the Senate by the Chancellor of the University.

The Syndicate also decided to write off the balance of the house loan taken by Dr. S. P. Choda, and Mr. Sharma an assistant who died while in service recently. It was decided to provide suitable appointment to Mrs. Choda and Mr. Sharma’s son.

One wonders if there is no Sikh suitable for any of the above appointments. Yet it is being maintained that there is no discrimination against the Sikhs in the State where they constitute 65% of the population. Is this the goodwill package of the Punjab govt. or is merit the monopoly of the Hindus alone?

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 19, 1985