New Delhi — The Punjab situation was reviewed at a high level official meeting here on Thursday. All the senior Punjab Government officials dealing with the security of the state were in the Capital to brief the Central Government on the law and order situation.

The senior adviser to the Punjab Government, Mr. R.V. Subramanian, the security adviser, Gen. Gauri Shankar the state Chief Secretary, Mr. S. S. Dhanoa, and the Home Secretary Mr. N.N. Vohra were all in the Capital on Thursday. Except the senior adviser, all other officers flew back to Chandigarh in the evening after briefing the Central Government.

The Central Government had sought a report from the Punjab Government on the law and order situation in the state and about the latest trend in the activities of the activists and the state Government’s views on reports of activists returning from Pakistan after getting their training in that country.

The senior adviser has recently visited the Punjab borders in the light of the proposal to have an area of 500 meters along the entire Punjab border under the Governments control and prohibit the movement of any civilian in that area. These steps are being taken to check the possible entry of activists from across the border.

At present in the border districts of Punjab, farmers are cultivating their lands right up to the border. The Government is planning to acquire these lands up to 500 meters along with the entire 600 km border with Pakistan.

The BSF has already been instructed to intensify patrolling on the border. Strict instructions have been given that if a suspect does not stop the patrol party should resort to firing.

Article extracted from this publication >>  March 8, 1985