AMRITSAR: Dr. Baldev Parkasdh the Vice President of All Indian Bharatiya Janta Party has said that the Punjab situation continues to be grim as ever as there is no letup in the violence in the state. He ridiculed the claim made by the government that the number of the killings has gone down.

Contrary to the claim made by the government the toll in the first six months of the year totaling about 1525 has been the highest in Punjab. He said that the scores of the cases have come to light where ransom has been asked for. In the case of refusal the dead bodies are thrown on the road side. The government’s rights just did not matter in the Border districts, he pointed out, and He suggested that strict measures be taken to check the violence in the state, as otherwise the migration of the members of the minority community would continue from the villages.

Article extracted from this publication >> October 28, 1988