Chandigarh: In a dramatic move Mr. Shankar Dayal Sharma, Governor Tamil Nadu has replaced Mr. Arjan Singh as Governor of Punjab. Arjan Singh has joined the Central Government as Minister for Commerce. Arjan Singh was considered a useful link between the Akalis and Rajiv Gandhi. He had played significant role in bringing about the RajivLongowal Accord and had handled the difficult task of elections very successfully. Mr. Shankar Dayal Sharma also belongs to Madhya Pradesh. He is the father-in-law of Late Lalit Maken who was shot dead along with

his wife. Mr. Sharma had been greatly disturbed by the tragedy and is reportedly holding Sikhs responsible for the murder of his daughter and son-in-law. People in Punjab are puzzled over his appointment. Political circles feel that he would not be helpful in developing better understanding between the Akalis and the Center. Mr. Sharma’s attitude towards Punjab is prejudiced because of the murder of his family members. He had also bitterly opposed the agreement between Punjab and the Center.

Article extracted from this publication >>  November 22, 1985