CHANDIGARH India: A deputation of Punjab Congress (I) leaders called on the Governor of Punjab, Mr.S.S. Ray, and asked him to ensure peace and. ‘harmony in the state. The deputation included Beant Singh, President P.C.C., Mrs. Gurbrinder Kaur Brar, and Sewa Ram Arora.

The deputationists stressed upon him to take stringent measures against those harboring the Sikh freedom fighters and also to identify and isolate the freedom fighters. They also demanded the immediate release of innocent detainees of Jodhpur jail.

The Congress (I) leaders also demanded to ask the Center to initiate actions against those responsible for the Delhi riots of November, 1984 to remove the irritation in the hearts of the Sikhs. They also stressed to initiate economic program to generate employment avenues for the youth. The P.C.C. leaders also stressed upon the Governor to take some concrete steps to bring back Hindu migrants to Punjab and contact other states to send back the Sikh migrants.

Interestingly all these demands, according to the political observer correspondent to the five point demands of Parkash Singh Badal.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 12, 1988