SRINAGAR India, June 13, Reuter: One person was killed here on Monday when police fired on rock throwing demonstrators protesting over increased electricity charges in the North Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Police and protestors battled in several parts of Srinagar for the fourth day in a row, forcing many tourists to stay indoors in India’s most popular summer resort.

At least four people have died and more than 300 have been injured since rioting erupted on Friday after the state government raised power rates by 20 per cent, saying existing charges did not cover generating costs.

Fire destroyed a Hindu temple in predominantly Moslem Srinagar on Monday but police said it had nothing to do with the electricity protests.

Forty four persons donated their blood to the Central Valley Blood Bank. Still some people were lining up to enlist their names for blood donation when the organizers of the blood bank decided to close the donation process.

Most impressive aspect of the program was that elites, intellectuals and highly respected persons of Sikh community were in service of the congregation.

Article extracted from this publication >> June 17, 1988