MISSISUGA, Ontario: The Sikh Human Rights Group of North America has submitted Rajinder Pal Singh’s case to United Nations for further investigation, according to Balbir Singh Brar, of the SHRG.

Prof. Rajinder Pal Singh was arrested on January 25, 1989 by Police Inspector Sant Kumar from Chandigarh and later taken to Ludhiana.

On 15th of February 1989, Superintend of Police Sumedhi Singh announced that Rajinder

Pal Singh was killed in an encounter on 26th January 1989. Mr. Singh’s body was not retuned.

Sikh Human Rights Group Representatives are working closely with P.H.R.O. and associates of Prof. Rajinder Pal Singh to bring all the facts out.

Professor Rajinder Pal Singh belongs to a family active in Akali Dal. He was a member of Advisory Board of United Akali Dal (Baba Joginder Singh). The news of his death had caused a strike in the Punjab Agriculture University for a number of days. The World Sikh News has been the first paper to report on Prof. Singh’s death in a staged police encounter and the reaction of dismay all over following the news of his death.

Article extracted from this publication >>  March 24, 1989