LUDHIANA, Punjab, India: The acting Jathedar, Prof. Darshan Singh, has categorically stated at Ludhiana that he was not contemplating to retum to the Golden Temple to resume his duty as Head of Akal Takht, He declared that he had willingly and conscientiously decided to hand over the political reins to the Sikh young men so that they could do better job in providing leadership to the Sikh community, The acting Jathedar wished them good luck in the fulfillment of the great cause. Prof. Darshan Singh denied news published in a section of the press that he had written a letter to U.A.D. Chief, Mr, Simranjit Singh Mann to seek his help in getting back his post, Prof. Darshan Singh declared that he was not a power hungry politician and simply wanted to serve the community as a humble Sikh, Prof. Darshan Singh squarely: blamed State terrorism for the present spate of violence in the State. He declared that peace cannot be established through State violence, Prof. Darshan Singh cited the example of a clear murder of Parminder Singh who was killed by the police in the presence of all the villagers, including Hindus.

Article extracted from this publication >>  September 11, 1987