Sikh Human Rights  Group has been presenting cases of Human Rights Violations in Punjab to United Nations since

June 1985

Cases have also been presented to other 150

Human Rights Groups and Governments around the

world including Amnesty International, International

Committee of the Red Cross and International Jurists


Our representatives have also been continuously

holding private discussions with the staff of United

Nations. However our major breakthrough came on

duly 21st, 1988. When we were asked by special

correspondence to appear before a subcommittee

consisting of selected members representing

countries from all over the continents. To present a

case before this August body required facts and

evidence of the highest quality. We also had to work,

with top confidentiality because a previous attempt by

us was derailed by Indian Government agents.

Odds against us were lack of manpower, lack of

funds and unlimited resources of Indian Government.

For manpower we had to rely upon few persons, who

had the highest security clearance. For funds we

went to many pro Sikh organizations and individuals

However our highest support mainly came from

people personally known to us. Names of these

people will appear in our newsletter. Organizations

support came from Ottawa Sikh Sangat & Ottawa

Sikh Society, Weston Road Gurughar Toronto and

its committee, Lachine Gurughar Montreal, Winnipeg

Sikh Sangat and Maryland Gurughar

Washington, D.C., USA.

Details of our testimony before United Nations and

other groups including Amnesty International will

appear soon. We are indebted to individuals and

organizations who supported us. We are at present

Operating under $27,000deficit (Bank Loan). We

need your support to continue our programs hitherto

completely neglected, We are now Preparing

our next evidence on (a) Religious intolerance, (b)

Fake encounters, (c) Illegal detentions & Torture, (d)

International recognition of Sikh Refugees around the

world. Any assistance from you will be welcome.

 Balbir Singh Brar International Co. coordinator (416)4509087.

Dr. Gurchan Singh Johal National Spokesman

 For Further Information contact;

 “Kuldip Singh National coordinator — (416)6776298

2857 Derry Rd. E. Mississauga, Ont. Canada, L4T IA6

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 6, 1989