VATICAN CITY— Pope John Paul IT delivered Christmas greetings in 51 languages and urged a world “too often defeated by the temptation of arrogant power and ‘oppression” to remember the beauty and mystery of Christ’s birth.

The pontiff, dressed in shining old and white vestments, celebrated a solemn high mass in St. Peter’s Basilica and then delivered his traditional “Urbi et Orbi” message to the city and the world from the main balcony of the largest church in Christendom.

During his 30minute appearance in St. Peter’s Square, John Paul Pope II in 51 languages including the five major languages used in India, where he will visit Feb. 1-10.

‘When John Paul spoke in English, he wished Christians “A blessed Christmas in the peace of Jesus Crist, the saviour of the world,” ‘More than 30,000 people stood in St. Peter’s Square for John Paul’s address and apostolic blessing, John Paul spoke mainly of the central Christmas mystery, the birth of what Christians believe God made man in Jesus Christ, Dut also referred to current world issues, including human rights violations, oppression, starvation, moral laxity and the planet’s shrinking store of natural resources, Calling himself “defenseless” in an armed world, John Paul said he wished to proclaim the Christmas mystery in the “signs and reeds of our time.

“He repeats it forcefully in a ‘world where there are still people dying of starvation and where human rights are scandalously violated and a mass of suffering weighs upon humanity.” the pope said, The Polish born pope said Christians should know “how to be sober with regard to the resources of the universe and wise in the use of the energies of its own mind.”

The true Christian, John Paul said, “knows how to survive and looks only to the immediate and material advantage.” Christians, he added, should be a people “inspired by justice in its thoughts, resolutions and deeds, a people ever aiming at the goal of a more authentic community of persons, in which every individual will feel accepted, respected and esteemed.”





Article extracted from this publication >>  January 3, 1986