AMRITSAR, India: Strike was observed in the local Khalsa College over an alleged torture of a member of the staff Mr. Baljinder Singh by police. It is alleged that on the night of March 18th, a party of 30 policemen led by an Inspector stormed into the house of Baljinder Singh around 11:30 p.m.

The house was ransacked in search of Sikh freedom fighters. The police whisked away Baljinder Singh who alleged that he was tortured during interrogation. He showed injuries to newsmen.

He asked the S.P. after the interrogation was over what the police had found in the raid. Police officer expressed regret. Baljinder Singh said that his scooter was stolen from the college campus. It was later found in the possession of three youths. The police tried to find out if he had any link with the three youths. His scooter was yet to be restored to him.

Mr. Baljinder Singh, 35, is handicapped with no right hand. A 100 strong deputation met the Deputy Commissioner and pleaded for his release. The Principal of the college met the governor when he came here.

Mrs. Balbir Kaur expressed the fear that her husband might be involved in a false case or killed in an encounter. She sent a telegram to Punjab and Haryana High Court with a request to treat it as a habeas corpus petition. Copies of the telegram were sent to Chief Minister, Director General of Police, S.S.P. and Deputy Commissioner of Amritsar.

Article extracted from this publication >>  March 27, 1987