AUTHORITIES in Seattle and District of Columbia have decided to distribute bleach to drug addicts in order to sterilize their needles. Predicting Aids epidemic if, preventive and other curative measures are not taken at an appropriate time, the experts dare targeting drug addicts and homosexuals for providing education in an effort to stop the spread of this deadly disease. Unhygienic methods of sharing needles are quite common among drug addicts.

Under this plan the drug counselors will provide bleach to addicts in the streets and in the shooting galleries. Also, the necessary information will be providing how to sterilize their needles.

Cities of New York and San Francisco have already enacted new programs to provide bleach but effectiveness of these projects has not yet been established. However, experts feel that these programs at least will help to educate the drug abusers about the dangers of sharing needles.

It becomes even more important to educate addicts considering their quite unhygienic habits of cleaning needles, like rinsing them in toilets or in the rain water collected in the parking lots or on the hoods of the automobiles.

Fearful of Aids spread, some states like New York have also decided to distribute sterile needles and condoms to the target population.

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