Chandigarh: Pakistan has increased its troops concentration on Afghan border as heavy fighting continued between Pakhtoon tribesmen in the mountain stronghold in the Northwestern frontier province and regular Army units of the Islamabad regime, according to a report received from the Afghan capital of Kabul, P.T.I. reports from Moscow. The Pakistan charge d’ Affairs was recently summoned to the Afghan foreign office and told of the Afghan government’s indignation over the growing concentration of Pakistani troops on the order and warned of dangerous consequences of the latest Pakistani subversive actions, according to a Afghan News agency. Fifteen Pakistan servicemen have been killed in fighting with certain tribesmen in Khayber Pass region, according to a Tass report. The military regimes reprisals followed the blocking by Pakhtoon tribesmen of Pakistan based pro revolutionaries passing through that territory into Afghanistan. .

Article extracted from this publication >>  December 13, 1985