ISLAMABAD, Sept 26, Reuter: Afghan Air Force jets bombed a Pakistani border area on Monday killing at least five people, including four children, Government Officials said.

They said six bombers penetrated about eight km (five miles) into Kurram Tribal area in northwest Pakistan and dropped six bombs.

Seven people were injured.

State run Pakistan television put the death toll at six and said Islamabad had lodged a strong protest with the Soviet backed Afghan government.

It was the sixth time this month Pakistan has accused Afghanistan of bombing its territory.

Kabul has denied the charges, accusing Islamabad of fabricating them to cover up its own violations of the 2,250 km (1,400 mile) border.

Pakistan television said the Afghan planes retreated into Afghanistan after being challenged by Pakistani fighters.

Pakistan shot down a Soviet plane on August 4. Its pilot was captured and later returned to Moscow.

Pakistan says its F16 fighters also hit three more intruding aircraft earlier this month but has not produced any wreckage yet.

A Pakistani official in the Kuram said all casualties of Monday’s bombing on Shakh village were Pakistanis.

Pakistan plays host to an estimated three million Afghan refugees and the main guerrilla parties fighting the Kabul Government.

Article extracted from this publication >> September 30, 1988