‘ISLAMABAD, April 2, Reuter: Prime Minister Mohammad Khan Junejo said on Saturday that Pakistan was disappointed in its efforts towards keeping the subcontinent free of nuclear weapons but would continue its campaign, the official news agency AAP said.

It quoted him as telling a conference of scientists in Lahore that Pakistan was disappointed when the response to its initiatives was “a tendency to avoid entering into commitment for a nuclear free neighborhood”.

Pakistan and India, traditional regional rivals which have fought three wars since independence from Britain in 1947, accuse each other of trying to make a nuclear arms.

“We have decided to ride the steed of nuclear power to progress and prosperity,” Junejo said. “We are determined not to give ourselves up in the clutches of the monster and be led to destruction ”Junejo said Pakistan was committed to using its nuclear expertise for peaceful purposes.

Article extracted from this publication >> April 8, 1988