“There is nothing to prevent the Akali Dal from describing Khalistan as the chimerical Coney & lunatic fringe which is precisely what it is. N. C. Menon.

Except for the Sikh youth who nudge the Akalis off stage every time they try to do so

“After dark Delhi appears like a city under siege. Major highways leading into the Capital have road blocks where vehicles are stopped for checking. If you happen to be a Sikh, interrogation can be pretty unsettling. One cannot blame the police because Khalistan is are Sikhs and they cannot take any chances. Khushwant Singh.

‘Do rangi chhod ke yak rang ho ja.

How comfortable can fence straddling be in times like these?

“The Sikh community lacks a credible and widely accepted leadership.”’ India Today.

A truer word was never spoken.

“The Akalis have hardened their stand during the last few weeks.” India Today

The Akalis never had a stand; they are trying to reflect the Sikh mood, without ever having been able to gauge it.

“An agitation in support of demands that have been more or less agreed upon is unacceptable.” India Today.

If it were acceptable to you, would it be a Sikh agitation? Now, be fair. Then again, if the demands have more or less been agreed upon, is it acceptable to withhold an official announcement pending an agitation?

“There is no reason to fear that those who perpetrated violence on such a large scale will not find it hard to fabricate evidence that saves their necks.” India Today.

The judiciary will go through the motions anyway. And do not forget, Rajiv Gandhi still has to prove that the judicial enquiry will only hurt the Sikh.

“The Akalis are not Parakeets of pantocracy; they are rather the paragons of Panthic superiority. And that way lays disaster. N. C. Menon.

For whom, may we know, does the bell toll?


Article extracted from this publication >> May 31, 1985