“At village after village Sikh youths barracked him (Longowal) shouting proBhindranwale slogans.

Initially he tried to deal with this by admonishing them, saying that they were only strengthening the hands of the Delhi durbar by making all that noise. But soon enough he began to acquiesce, joining them in slogan shouting at Batala looking on when Satwant Singh’s father was garlanded at Batala, and then felicitating Beant Singh’s widow at Ropar. The very man who once made no secret of his contempt for Bhindranwale now referred to him with an overdose of honorifics such as “Sant Mahapurukh (Great Soul) Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji.” Shekhar Gupta.

An old dog is learning new tricks, so help him God.

“Zail Singh should be punished now for presenting gallantry awards to soldiers involved in Operation Bluestar.” Harchaan Singh Mohalon as reported by India Today.

Punishment for what? If you head a skunk ranch, you have to skin them sometimes. It is dirty work but it earns you a day’s wage. And who is better suited than the “boss” himself. Rawail Singh, a mediator between Zail Singh and the high priests is reported by India Today as having stated; “Zail Singh had neither submitted an apology nor any official documents” prior to his exoneration.

He did not have to. The high priests were tripping over one another in the effort to be the first ones to sign his exoneration.

+                                  +                                  +

The same Longowal, who cornered by the AISSF storm troopers in the Golden Temple had counterattacked with the setting up of the Akali Dal youth Wing now went from village to village consoling parents of AISSF members killed or captured by the security forces.’’ India Today.

In India, the ragas (classical musician compositions) are sung in relevance to the time and the mood of the audience.

+                                  +                                  +

 “Congress Tis our biggest enemy.” Surjan Singh Thekedar. And who in India, may we ask, are your friends?

 +                                             +                                 +

Khushwant Singh, reacting to the government announcement to hold a judicial enquiry into the Delhi riots.

“I am delighted at the announcement”

Here’s one to a glass of scotch.

 +                                 +                                 +


“Darbara Singh, guarded constantly by six carbine carrying policemen, has been leading the mass contact programme.” News item. Aloes!

Mass contact but zara buch ke meri jaan.

+                                  +                                  +

“He (Darbara Singh) rejects the Anandpur Sahib Resolution in its totality though Rajiv Gandhi himself stated recently that the government had an open mind on discussing the resolution as long as it is within the constitutional framework. Shekhar Gupta.

More loyal than the king himself.

+                                  +                                 +

“The Akali campaigners identify him (Darbara Singh) with fake encounters and, for some reason, most people believe this. “India Today

Does truth need reason.

 +                                 +                                  +

“I can’t understand this. These are the very people (Darbara Singh and Co.) who ignited the flames in the first place. Now how can you bring them back to extinguish the blaze.” Rajinder Kaur Bhattal.

Madam your understanding seems to have somersaulted since you left Darbar Singh’s cabinet.

+                                  +                      +

“If it (the Government of India) makes concessions and settles with the Akalis, they will become a threat in the elections. If it doesn’t, the Akalis will try and prevent elections, leading to an Assam type nightmare.” Shekhar Gupta.

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

+                                  +                                             +

“Further delay in resuming a meaningful dialogue will lead to the resurgence of extremist power and embarrass the government; it will also destroy the Akalis” Shekhar Gupta. Amen. Seep “No one wants Khalistan, believe me,” Sant Harchand Singh Longowal.

Why shouldn’t we believe you? Of course we believe you. Even though Rajiv Gandhi does not. He read out a list of 27 national and international Sikh organizations, dedicated to the cause of Khalistan. But, like I said, we believe you.

Article extracted from this publication >>  June 21, 1985