“Judicial enquiry demand to be considered a part of the package deal.’’ News report.

Social justice, a matter of course in civilized societies, is a bargain chip for the government of India to be traded against the surrender of the Sikhs rightful demands.

“The Sikhs detained without charges to be released.’’ News item.

The policy is to hurt the Sikhs, then agrees to withdraw the hurt as a goodwill gesture and in the process totally eclipse the original demands of the Sikhs for which the agitation started in the first place.

“We are not separatists or secessionists.” The Akali stand, ‘‘There would be no compromise on the issue of national unity and integrity.”’ Rajiv Gandhi.

It is time somebody informed you that the situation may be summed up as identity of views. You are in agreement with each other, so whom are you shouting at? Unless of course you are sub consciously addressing an unrecognized dimension.

“The game of further isolating the Sikhs goes on in so far as the government is still labeling them separatists by insisting that their demands are of a secessionist nature.’’ News report.

Familiar tone, this time being geared to winning Punjab elections.

“Meanwhile the soundness of Rajiv Gandhi’s latest moves and their potential for successful tackling of the Punjab problem are proved by the sudden recrudescence of extremist activities, culminating in the murder of innocent victims.’ N. C. Menon.

Care to run that once more? It is a little foggy where I stand.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 17, 1985