OTTAWA, Canada: In a letter addressed to Mr. David Daubney, Member of Parliament, the Secretary W.S.0. (Ottawa Chapter, Mr. Ajit Singh) questioned the propriety of holding celebrations at the Parliament to mark the Indian Independence Day. In the letter, Mr. Singh argued that such a precedent will create problems in the multicultural masaic of Canadian society as it could lead to holding celebrations on the “Russian Day” or “South Africa Day”. Besides, such an action undermines Canada’s image as 2 champions of Human Rights. Mr. Singh also stated in the letter that Sikhs in Canada, who constitute 75% of the Indo Canadian community, had decided to boycott these celebrations in views of the ruthless suppression of the Sikh Human Rights in India.

He also made it clear that only Indian government agents in the Sikh community will attend such a function. He, however, appreciated Mr. Daubney’s role in promoting multiculturalism in Canada.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 29, 1988