OTTAWA: More than 900 Sikhs staged a protest march here on January 8 at the Parliament Hill and condemned the judicial murders of S. Satwant Singh and S. Kehar Singh. The Sikhs came from Montreal, Toronto and other adjoining areas. In a protest note distributed by the marchers the anguish of the Sikhs over the hangings was expressed.

The note pointed out that the trials were unfair, haphazard, biased, lacked conclusive evidence and held in utmost secrecy. Courts of a land where corruption is rampant are prone to bribery of all kinds imaginable. The corrupt judicial system never brought to justice the people who killed Beant Singh and seriously wounded Satwant Singh.

The persistent violations of human rights in India continue unabated despite International condemnation from Amnesty International and other Human rights groups. The Indian Government has not responded to charges of human rights violations. The perpetrators of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, J, Tytler and H.L. Bhagat hold Cabinet positions, instead of being tried by the courts.

Official investigation by Justice MP. Thakkar into the murder of Indira Gandhi, where he allegedly produced evidence of conspiracy was not made available even to the President of India, let alone the aggrieved Sikhs. The hangings, particularly of Sardar Kehar Singh, are just another deed in their plan of Sikh genocide. Government of India has unleashed anti Sikh propaganda whereby it has wrapped a thick veil around the truth and is trying to mislead the world with its concocted lies, especially in the countries where Sikhs are settled,

The Government of India refused to hand over the bodies of the two martyred Sikhs to their families thus robbing them of their Tights to cremate as per Sikh traditions.

The Sikhs appeal to the conscience of all Canadians, our parliamentarians, and nations around the world to take note of the gravity of the situation and help stop Sikh oppression.

Bomb Kills Four in Pakistani Bus Station ISLAMABAD, Reuter: A bomb went off at a bus station in the Northwestern Pakistani town of Peshawar on Wednesday killing four people and injuring 13, the Pakistan Press International (PPI) News Agency reported.

It said the bomb was planted inside a motor spare parts shop at the bus station; there was neither immediate claim of responsibility nor any official word on who set off the bomb.

IN the past Pakistan has blamed the Soviet backed government in neighboring Afghanistan for bombings.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 20, 1989