NEW DELHI: The entire opposition barring one AIADMK member staged walk out in the Lok Sabha on Monday when the Govt did not agree to postpone the debate on the defamation bill which was introduced in the Lok Sabha soon after the question hour. Alleging that the bill was being pushed in undue haste viciously. The angry members tried to install the passage and tried to argue its postponement when the Minister of State for home P.

Chittanbaran rose to introduce the bill, house witnessed a legal battle tooth and nail opposition and determined attempt to stall the passage of the bill on Monday itself.

The opposition told the Chairman Somnath Rath that they have not been given enough time to study the bill. They also questioned the intention of the government and asked what was the hurry.

When all the points raised by the opposition were ruled out, the Opposition staged a walk out to register their protest against illegal and hasty passage of the bill.

The bill provides punishment for publication in any newspaper the matter which could be considered as “black mail”. The opposition also attacked the government for throwing the responsibility on the accused to prove innocence.

The opposition members claimed that the press has never misutilised the provisions of law in the directions as suggested in the proposed bill.

Article extracted from this publication >> September 2, 1988