Respected Bhai Sahib Ji,

WaheGuru jikaKha!sa

WaheGuru jikiFateh

This is to inform you that the Hindu Government is bent upon creating a rift between the Sikh community everywhere especially between the Sikhs living in Hindustan and abroad. Sikhs living abroad share an unbreakable bond with the Sikhs living in Hindustan. The Hindu government should not be allowed to manipulate the situation.

We are concentrating our efforts to bring the Sikh problem to the world attention. The hardship you are subjected to is of deep concern to us. Funds and aid in other forms have been collected to help the victims of Hindu genocide; however this Hindu Government has made it impossible to extend a helping hand.

We would like to send a stern warning to any Sikh leader who may be ambitious for an agreement with the Hindu Government. No agreement short of independent Sikh Nation, “KHALISTAN”’ will be acceptable. Any leader signing an agreement short of Sikh aspirations shall be labeled a traitor and shall be meted out due punishment. Anandpur Sahib Resolution is not enough anymore; we have already paid too high a price for our rights.

Today we need leaders of the calibre and integrity of Sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa. Selfseekers will not be allowed to play with the blood of our martyrs. We are fully aware of the corruption which has plagued Akali leadership and management of Gurdwara affairs.

The Sikh youth all over the world is committed to liberate our nation Khalistan and we pledge to pay any price to achieve our objective. We shall not stand idle to see the Sikh Nation sold for personal gains. We request you to make copies of this letter and make it available to all leaders. This message should be passed to all Sikhs by reading this letter in open gatherings.


The Sikh Homeland.



Article extracted from this publication >> February 1, 1985