JAFENA, Sri Lanka, Jan. 14, Reuter; Four Indian soldiers have been discharged and sentenced to one year in prison after conviction for rape in Sri Lanka’s northern Jaffna Peninsula, an Indian officer said on Thursday.

The soldiers were among 35,000; Indian: troops posted to the north and east to enforce an Indo Sri Lankan accord last year to end a Tamil separatist revolt.

Brigadier RLS. Kahlon, Jaffna town Commander, said the four were brought before a court martial within 96 hours of the filing of charges and punished under Indian army regulations.

This was the first time an Indian official had admitted that accusations of rape made by residents against Indian troops, who started landing in Sri Lanka ‘on July 30, had been found to be true.

Residents also have complained about molestation of women, theft sand harassment, Kahlon told a group of journalists who were taken on a conducted tour of Jaffna.

He said all complaints were investigated and most were found to be incorrect.

“The Indian army does not consist of angels, but they are not devils either. Believe me we are very honest about our intentions”.

Kahlon said that following complaints against the searching of Tamil women by male soldiers, Indian authorities had sent female paramilitary police to Sri Lanka to frisk women.

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Article extracted from this publication >> January 22, 1988