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Applications are invited from qualified persons to be appointed as SEWADARS in Gurdwaras in Pakistan. Applicants must consider that the term may be at least two years; duties may be varied (from Gurdwara building upkeep, cleanliness, langarsewa, to all the other religious duties, including Keertan, Paath); Remuneration compatible to Indian standards. There may not be comparable facilities etc. for all the members of the families of the applicants.

Desirous persons, with priority for SEWA must apply before March 15, 1985. The application must state: Name, address and telephone number, date of birth, age, Passport, citizenship and Visa status, qualifications (education and experience), (please attach copies of certificates, letters of recommendations, awards, etc.) Family status (names and ages, schooling needs of family members that may accompany), health status, personal references, (please give at least three (3) personal/professional references with their names, addresses and telephone numbers), please include a photograph.

Applicants should also state, if they will need any assistance to join their duties in Pakistan; and how much notice and time will be needed by them.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 1, 1985