Journalist: Mr. Ambassador, Indian Aviation Authorities first announced that Indian Airlines Boeing 737 was hijacked soon after takeoff from Delhi and the airports and police all over the country were put on alert.

Ambassador: That’s right.

Journalist: The news was flashed by All India Radio and some leading newspapers even mentioned that four armed Sikhs had hijacked the plane. However, it was later disclosed that the hijacking was only a “mock exercise” to test the security arrangements. Ambassador: Very correct.

Journalist: Don’t you think the “mock exercise” explanation is actually a poor excuse for an unsuccessful plot to discredit the Sikhs? Won’t the unsuspecting passengers seek heavy damages for using them as unwilling dummies for the “exercise” and for exposing them to such a terrible shock as could prove fatal?

Ambassador: Not in national interest to disclose.


Journalist: Mr. Ambassador, according to an Indian news agency

Pakistan has made heavy deployment of army along its eastern border with India. Nearly 12 divisions have been moved to this border and reservists have been recalled.

Ambassador: That’s right.

Journalist: India is already conducting unusual army maneuvers close to Pakistan border in Punjab and has also made massive deployment of its troops in that sector.

Ambassador: Very correct.

Journalist: Does it not show, the two countries do not trust each other? Don’t you think there can’t be permanent peace between the two so long Kashmir problem is not solved to the satisfaction of Pakistan?

Ambassador; Not in national interest to disclose.


Journalist: Mr. Ambassador, police and paramilitary troops have again raided the Golden Temple on the pretext of arresting some “proclaimed offenders” who according to the police story were being tortured by the rival group within the Complex premises.

Ambassador; That’s right.

 Journalist: Sikhs all over the world have reacted with shock and anger at Indian rulers’ malicious habit of desecrating their holiest shrine on flimsiest grounds.

Ambassador; Very correct.

 Journalist: How can Sikhs feel safe in India in such a hostile atmosphere? How long will they suffer such indignities and insults to their scriptures and shrines? Don’t you think Delhi rulers are bent upon forcing Sikhs to secede from India?

Ambassador; Not in national interest to disclose.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 23, 1987