Journalist Mr. Ambassador, Punjab Police Chief, Mr. has finally come to accept that without political initiative; the problem of Punjab cannot be solved.

Ambassador: That’s right.

Journalist. Other senior police officers also privately concede that the police had failed both in apprehending the freedom fighters as well as in stopping new recruits from joining the freedom fighters.

Ambassador: How is it Ribeiro is not giving up his policy of bullet for bullet? Does it mean Delhi just wants him to wipe out Sikh youths so that it becomes easy to convert Sikh women and children to Hinduism?

Ambassador; Not in national interest to disclose.

Journalist: Mr. Ambassador, it is reported that Rajiv Gandhi has asked Uma Shanker Dikshit to suggest changes in the Congress (I) Constitution.

Ambassador: That’s right.

Journalist: Mr. Dikshit wants to drop conditions in the Constitution that require Congressmen to wear Khadi (handspun cotton) and to abstain from alcoholic drinks. Ambassador: Very correct.

Journalist Don’t you think Mr. Dikshit’s suggestions are in keeping with the transformation of a people’s party into a dynastic royalty called Congress (Indira)?

Ambassador: Not in national interest to disclose.

Journalists: Mr. Ambassador, According to newspaper reports, India has decided to buy four more nuclear submarines from the Soviet Union.

Ambassador: That’s right.

Journalist: It is also learnt that India will shortly be given Soviet made sophisticated AWACS.

Ambassador: Very correct.

Journalist: How come the protagonist of Panch-sheel and nonviolence has started piling up deadly warheads? Is it to provide a market for the Soviet weapons or is there some sinister motive behind these purchases?

Ambassador: Not in national interest to disclose.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 29, 1988