Journalist; Mr. Ambassador, it has been reported that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, wife of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, threatened Mr. Upendra, a Telegu Desam Party’s Member of Parliament for what he was believed to have said about her in Parliament.

Ambassador; That’s right.

Journalist: She reportedly said to Mr. Upendra, ‘I will see your end”. Mr. Manik Reddy, another T.D.P. Member of Parliament confirmed that Mrs. Gandhi had used intimidating words.

Ambassador: Very correct.

Journalist: Does it mean the policy of State terrorism that is being followed against the Sikhs will now be extended to other opposition parties also?

Ambassador: Not in national interest to disclose.

Journalist: Mr. Ambassador, Mr. Michael J. Hershman of the Fairfax Group has alleged that a bribe of half a million dollars was offered to him by Mr. Lateef M. Khan to get a clean chit for Mr. Rajiv Gandhi and his family in the Bofors arms deal scandal.

Ambassador That’s right.

Journalist. It was also alleged that Mr. Khan earlier sought to purchase from Fairfax the results of its investigations.

Ambassador: Very correct.

Journalist: What sort of democracy is there in India in which the Prime Minister himself accepts bribes in arms deal and yet continues in office? Does it mean the ruler in India can do whatever he likes? Ambassador: Not in national interest to disclose.

Journalist: Mr. Ambassador, Mr. Parkash Singh Badal is being projected by the pro government newspapers as the “right” leader who could solve the ticklish Punjab problem.

Ambassador that’s right.

Journalist: The same newspapers were earlier full of praises for Surjit Singh Barnala and were particularly appreciative of his role in killing the Sikh youths and sending the security forces into the Golden Temple.

Ambassador. Very correct.

Journalist: Do they now want Mr. Badal to play Mr. Barnala’s self-destructive game and be permanently written off as a Sikh leader?

Ambassador: Not in national interest to disclose.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 8, 1988