HYDERABAD: All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. But a recent psychological study in Madras shows that it can also make him a sick boy.

Schoolboys who participate in sports show less anxiety than their nonsporting colleagues. It was found that a group of 50 boys, who represented their schools in various sports and games, were less prone to anxiety than a similar group of boys who did not take part in any sports activity.

Dr. V. Rajaram and Dr. V.D. Swaminathan of the Psychology Department of the University of Madras who undertook the study, presented their findings at a recent conference of the Indian Association of Applied Psychology here,

Competitive exercise is a splendid safety valve and an emotion outlet for schoolboys, the study said. It added that boys often returned from a session of sports activity with a feeling of “having discharged their mental bogies”.

Describing the minds of the boys who did not participate in sports and. games as “attics of fear, jealousy, disappointment and unsatisfied yearnings”, the study said: “Such emotions leaked out in the form of inhibitions, complexes maladjustments.”

“The bottling of such negative emotions can lead to serious psychosomatic or mental disorder as the boys get more irritated than people are aware of”, the study said. It suggested that all school Boys must take part in some sports activity after school hours.


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Article extracted from this publication >> April 15, 1988