Jerusalem — Residents of the Dheisheh Palestinian refugee camp threw stones at Rabbi Moshe Levinger who was staging a parkin demonstration outside the camp today and Levinger fired shots at them in return, reports said.

The Palestine Press Service and Israel Radio said residents threw stones at passing Israeli cars and at Levinger, who has been parked in a van outside of the camp since November to protest stone throwing.

 Both accounts said Levinger and a companion fired guns at the residents and Isaeli soldiers guarding Levinger chased the residents.

There were no reports of injuries.


 Riot police today battled firebomb hurling slum dwellers that were resisting the dismantling of their squatter colony, leaving at least 16 people injured, authorities said.

Most of injuries were caused by Molotov cocktails thrown from the squatter area, which contained 47 huts on the grounds of the staterun University of the Philippines in nearby Quezon City.

Students joined the squatters in setting up barricades and battling police, but after the brief melee, demolition crews started tearing down the huts.

Geneva —Norwegian theologian Gunnar Johan Staalsett has been appointed the new head of the Lutheran World Federation, succeeding American Carl Mau, and the Federation announced today.

Staalsett, 50, who will be the first general secretary from a Nordic country, is to take office at the end of the year. The federation represents 54.4 million Christians in 99 member churches.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 8, 1985