Ousted Soviet Chief of Staff May Have Been Rehabilitated

Marshal Nikolai Ugarkov, who was summarily ousted as chief of the Soviet general staff last September, reappeared in public life with a new book dealing with strategic issues. The book raised speculations that the 67yearold marshal known for his intelligence, poise and extensive’ knowledge of strategic matters, has been rehabilitated.

Flood of Ethiopian Refugees Leaves Sudan for Homeland

Africa’s largest tide of refugees, which for eight months flooded out of Ethiopia into Sudan at a rate of up to 4,000 people daily, has begun flowing back to the Ethiopian highlands, where relief officials say there is little food, a rekindled civil war and the likelihood that many returnees will die.

Rabin Declares Full Support For South Lebanese Militia

Israeli Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin declared his full support for the South Lebanon Army (SLA), an Israeli allied militia in southern Lebanon, and sharply criticized the U.N. peacekeeping force there, saying it bore “direct responsibility” for the fate of 21 U.N. soldiers kidnapped by the SLA in a raid on Friday.

Border Incident Stirs Anger In Costa Rica at Nicaragua

Anger and frustration with Nicaragua have boiled over in normally placid Costa Rica following a recent border incident in which two members of the Costa Rican Civil Guard were killed and nine others.

Over the weekend: Moscow Won’t Attempt to Match SDI System, Top General Says

The Soviet Union will not attempt to match the Reagan administration’s costly space weapons program but will instead concentrate on building cheaper offensive nuclear missiles that could overwhelm an American space shield, one of the Soviet Union’s highest-ranking generals has asserted in an.

Erratic Agca Hurts Prosecution In Trial of Papal Plot Suspects

The erratic behavior in court of Mehment Ali Agca, the 27yearold Turk who shot Pope John Paul II, has created enormous legal and moral problems. It means, in effect, that the Italian state’s case against the Bulgarian accused hangs on the pretrial testimony of a self-acknowledged perjurer who is now refusing’ to cooperate with the court.

Article extracted from this publication >>  June 14, 1985