LONDON, Reuter: New Delhi has announced it will bid to stage the 1994 Commonwealth

Games in a move that, if successful, would bring the major sporting event to Asia for the first time in the history of the Games.

New Delhi, which hosted the 1982 Asian Games, joined the Welsh City of Cardiff and Victoria in Canada, both of the have already launched their bids, as possible venues. The next Games are to be held in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1990.

The Common wealth Games Federation, which met in London to approve changes to its constitution and decide on the sports open to the 1994 Games, said the enthusiasm shown by the bidders was encouraging given the problems an African boycott caused the 1986 games in Edinburgh, Scotland.

“Two things are of vital importance, one is the success of the Auckland Games and the other is the bid for the Games afterward”, said David

Dixon, Secretary of the Federation. “When we have three strong cities bidding we are encouraged”.

Victoria, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, earned the right to present its formal bid after rival claims from eight other cities in Canada.

The city ultimately chosen as the site in 1994 must stage athletics and swimming, but can pick eight out of 13 other sporting events Badminton, Boxing, Cycling, Gymnastics, Judo, Lawn Bowls, Shooting, Table Tennis, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Yachting, and the newly added sports of Tennis and Squash.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 15, 1988