Stockton — Commenting on the reports appearing in a section of the press in India, S. Ganga Singh Dhillon described the reports as motivated and engineered. “How can a person who raised the banner of a Sovereign Sikh State at a time when the very idea of Sovereignty of Sikhs appeared preposterous to many, go back from it when the movement is fast gaining momentum and the goal appears within sight. The very suggestion is ridiculous and mischievous,” he asserted.

The press reports were based on information allegedly released by S. Ganga Singh’s Attorney Dr. Gurnam Singh Tir of Panjab and Haryana High Court and legal advisor to the Akali Dal. S. Ganga Singh informed World Sikh News that he was instructing Dr. Tir to immediately issue contradiction with a categorical reiteration of his steadfast stand on the Sovereignty of Sikh Nation and Sikh State. He also referred to his exclusive and extensive interview with a Lahore Newspaper, Nawae Waqat, in which he had unambiguously expressed his views and had not minced words regarding his commitment to the cause of freedom for Sikhs. It appears that the press reports were manipulated by the Government of India in order to undermine the credibility of S. Ganga Singh. This is typical of the Indian Government to float a baseless rumor maligning “those Sikh leaders who refuse to succumb to their many faceted temptations, which refuse to betray their cause and their religious obligations. It is often suggested in a subtle manner that the leader in fact is the government man purposely planted to sabotage the struggle. This does not mean that there are no planted men among the long list of those who speak loudest of their loyalty and commitment. Caution has therefore, got to be a permanent watch word for Sikhs till the objective is accomplished.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 8, 1985